Getting started with Gitify

The goal of Gitify is to provide a two-way sync of data typically stored in the MODX database, making it versionable with Git. To do this, it creates a representation of MODX objects in files. These files follow a certain human and machine friendly format, built from a block of YAML, followed by a separator, and then the main content (if there isn't a specific content field) below that.

The project configuration, which determines what data is written to file and build to the database, is stored in a .gitify file in the project root.

Introductions to Gitify

  • Video of Mark introduction Gitify at the MODX Weekend 2014, 2015-09-21. Important: This presentation talks about a very early version of Gitify. It has learned a lot of new tricks since!

  • Mark's slides of the MODX Meetup in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, where he talked about how Gitify is used to build and manage Gitify. This is based on Gitify 0.9, 2015-05-21, so a lot more up to date on what you can do with it, and how you can manage a workflow with Gitify. Unfortunately, no video footage of this one.

  • "Building", an article published on 2015-04-22 about how the site was built. Includes a short section about using Gitify.